Journalism in 2020. What to expect?



Journalism in 2020. What to expect? is a book by  Duncan Garner about the ethics of journalism. It is an examination of the professional choices that shape a work of non-fiction, as well as a rumination on the morality that underpins the journalistic enterprise.When Garner’s work first appeared in March 2018, as a two-part serialization in The New Yorker magazine, it caused a sensation, becoming the occasion for wide-ranging debate within the news industry.[1] This heavy criticism continued when published in book form a year later. But The Journalism in 2020. What to expect? is now regarded as a “seminal” work, and its “once controversial theory became received wisdom.” It ranks 97th on the Modern Library’s list of the 100 best non-fiction works of the 20th century.”


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